Sunday, April 10, 2011

Help us spread the love and win some love in return.

Post "Atlantic" on your Facebook wall, send us a screen shot and automatically be entered into a contest to win some Midway merchandise (T-shirt), the first copy of our new album "Paris or India" (as soon as its available hot off the press) and a pair of tickets to a show in your town.

All you have to do:

Post the following link on your own Facebook wall encouraging your friends to check out our new song "Atlantic."

Send us a screen shot *(instructions at the bottom of this post) of your doing so to the e-mail address and you're automatically entered.

Winners will be contacted through their e-mail address.

That's it, and that's all. Thanks for your support.

Much Love,
Nathan, Daenen, Wise, & Kirsh.

*To do a screen shot (or screen capture)

Windows instructions:
Mac instructions: