Thursday, July 7, 2011

Livestream - July 14th, 8pm EST

Hey guys we’ll be doing another livestream on July 14th at 8pm and we’ll be previewing a few tracks from the new record, Paris Or India. This time it’s not as much about us as it is about YOU. A lot of people are asking us what the deal is with the name “Paris Or India.” Have you been there? Background story? Dream sequence? Game of geography gone wrong? Or right? …and so forth.

So we wanted to have you guys chime in, venture a guess, and send us your creative, bizarre, zany, romantic, tear-jerking hypotheses.  You tell us - what’s the deal with “Paris Or India?”

Send your thoughts to in advance.
Our favourite, most creative, wildest stories will be read to the lot of you on July 14, 8pm EST on  A signed copy of Paris Or India will be awarded to the top musing.    

Get crackin’!

- Kirsh, Wise, Nathan, Daenen