Monday, December 7, 2009

From Kelowna

Kirsh is pacing around the green room with little purpose at the moment. We have sound check in a little bit, but until then killing time is the name of the game.

I woke up really late today and was thrilled to find out we had driven out of the snow. Somehow I don't think we'll be able to dodge it for much longer... It's December in Canada.. Let's be real here.

Avoiding snow is good for this traveling circus; Rivers Cuomo case and point. Luckily everyone from the accident is recovering fine, but the invincibility I've been feeling as our tour bus hums down the road no longer exists. I'll sleep a little sounder as long as the white stuff stays off the road.

Jake from the Artist Life just showed me a little video clip he shot from the end of our set last night. Think it'd make a short n' sweet little video blog... I'll post it here in the next day or so.

- Daenen