Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Home stretch

Tomorrow will take us back into our homeland of Ontario... Its been about 5 weeks on the road now and the bus is starting to feel like home. Just in time to off of course to get off for Christmas.

All on the tour have been talking about finding time to Christmas shop after all the shows end. But not I. My family and loved ones have decided we'll take all our gift money and travel instead this year. I think its a great idea. It takes away all the stress of shopping and fighting the crowds, while still rewarding us for our year of hard (or not so hard) work. I do admit, however, as a kid, this idea wouldn't have gone over so well. As a kid, toys rule. As a kid I loved Super Nintendo, we had to rent one every so often though or play all night at a friends. My mom was heavily against Nintendo in our house. Said it'd turn our heads into spaghetti. My brother got away fine but I guess for me it sorta did.

- Nathan