Sunday, November 8, 2009

From the van...

Hey guys,

Nathan here. Just wanted to send along a note from the van.
Its 2:40pm and I'm traveling with half of Midway (Daenen and Mike Kirsh are in the second van) and half of the Envy. We're on the highway from the southern part of our country up a little to Kitchener, ON for the second show on this tour. Just stopped for gas and downed a pink grapefruit cocktail, one of the smallest pleasures in my life.

Its crazy how close you become with the guys you tour with, its not like you have a choice, but you just relate so hard to the other guys on the road. Its a weird life style that we've chosen, being away from home, away from a regular schedule, away from reality. Sometimes I feel crazy, good crazy, but naturally, I relate to the other crazy people around me. Right now the conversation is about "pimsleur" (google that)

Last nights show was mayhem, 4 bands, 18 players, 23 people on this tour in total I think. Needless to say, we had a lot of kinks to work out for the show in general. Thanks to Windsor for being such gracious guinea pigs, we owe you an "end of tour" show one of these days soon ;)

Were home for Monday Tuesday and Wednesday this week and so we're going into the studio to work on a new track before we pick up the bus and leave for the long haul. (Especially excited for the bus, this is our first time in a real fancy tour bus. I hear there's a personal TV/satellite in each of our bunks and wireless internet- cooool, ima send pics when we get it)

Anyways guys, speak soon. Keep in touch via twitter @nathan_midway

Word ;)