Thursday, November 19, 2009


Today we’re in Sydney, Nova Scotia. We’ve never spent much time out here on the East coast. For whatever reason, we’ve played out West a whole lot but this is our first extensive tour out here and I must say, you guys know how to make a band feel at home! There’s a certain charm out here in these towns that I like…can’t put my finger on it but I like it. We’ve seen some really great audiences out here and we want to thank you guys for having fun with us every night!

Soon we’ll be heading back to Ontario, with a stop in Montreal, and then out West. This country of ours is pretty damn big! Right now I’m sitting on our tour bus killing some time before tonight’s show. Daenen is playing Tiger Woods 2010 Golf on Xbox. 2010 hasn’t even arrived yet. Those video gamers are on it!

- M. Wise

P.S. We've added a matinee show in Hamilton due to overwhelming demand. 1pm for Matinee, 7pm sold out. Tickets available on Ticketmaster.