Thursday, November 26, 2009

From the Belle

Thank you Montreal for giving us the time of our lives last night. Despite an overwhelming amount of technical difficulties (trust me, there were many) we had one of the best shows of the tour. Something was in the air, and that something made it all, alright.

Nathan & M. Wise are at a radio station around the corner doing an acoustic performance of Change For You. Kirsh and I are wasting all sorts of time on the internet...

I think I gotta go take a nap... Had a hard time sleeping last night for some reason. There's something cozy and completely claustrophobic about the bunks on the bus. Last night must have been more claustrophobic than cozy...

- Daenen

Monday, November 23, 2009


Come hang out with us this Wednesday Montreal!

This Wednesday November 25th at Suco in the Opus Hotel, hang out with us after the show.  Doors open 11pm.  Please contact for more information and bottle reservations. Space is limited.

**18 years & older only.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Today we’re in Sydney, Nova Scotia. We’ve never spent much time out here on the East coast. For whatever reason, we’ve played out West a whole lot but this is our first extensive tour out here and I must say, you guys know how to make a band feel at home! There’s a certain charm out here in these towns that I like…can’t put my finger on it but I like it. We’ve seen some really great audiences out here and we want to thank you guys for having fun with us every night!

Soon we’ll be heading back to Ontario, with a stop in Montreal, and then out West. This country of ours is pretty damn big! Right now I’m sitting on our tour bus killing some time before tonight’s show. Daenen is playing Tiger Woods 2010 Golf on Xbox. 2010 hasn’t even arrived yet. Those video gamers are on it!

- M. Wise

P.S. We've added a matinee show in Hamilton due to overwhelming demand. 1pm for Matinee, 7pm sold out. Tickets available on Ticketmaster.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Been a while since we've been out east...

We're more than several shows into the tour and we've finally gotten to that point where the routine has been established. Everyone knows where and when they need to be before they have to be told (though some times they still have to be told. If we didn't what would our tour manager do?) Nice to be settled in either way.

Currently sitting back stage in Moncton and the Envy is about to go on. Izzy has an unparalleled ability to take a long time doing anything. Lunch stop, getting suited up for show, setting up dru.... you get the idea. Still gotta love him though.

Nathan was just playing some piano (there's one in the dressing room tonight). Doing our best to continue being creative while we're gallivanting around. Personally, I'm really excited to get back and go into the studio to work on some new songs. We've been playing a new one at the beginning of the set that's been going over well. If you've been to one of the shows thus far, tell us what you think of it.

Gotta go wake up Mike and Mike... Power nap time is ova.

- Daenen

P.S. Just posted some new photos. Check 'em out.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Good morning Québec City

Just waking up this morning in my bunk. Its funny to lie here and have no idea where we might be. I believe the bus is rolling through old Quebec City..

Were now 6 shows into the tour, its been getting better and better each night, last nights show in Ottawa was a definite high. You guys sincerely know how to make a performer feel at home. Love.

Today is a day off, all of us secretly enjoy these, because they give us a moment to catch our breath and get ourselves back together. I think the plan is to go see "This Is It" today w MJ, I can't wait for the inspiration. There really is no one today who IS music the way that Michael Jackson was. He was an absolute prodigy and legend and we were all so lucky to be able to save what he's left behind. You know how NASA has put together packages before with information on our race and sent them into the universe? I've heard the packages include videos, music, and writings to help a creature learn about us should they stumble across it. Undoubtedly, that music should be Thriller. No record has ever touched all of us quite the same. I think what I've always appreciated about his art, and him as an artist, the most is how he has always been so "human". Never above.

I truly believe that the best art (and the only art worth creating) comes from your own heart and soul as a "human". Being a child, being in awe. Giving in to that spark of inspiration we sometimes get. Realizing that we are fragile and mortal. The only thing that is special within us is our humaneness. We each have a part of us that only we, unique, can leave behind.

So, as artists, we strive to inject our humaneness into our work because only then can it become an entity on its own. That's what all true and good art does. It breathes without us, the artists. I strive to do this everyday. Deep down I know if I succeed, the entity I create is far more powerful than I, Nathan, could ever be.

Michael Jackson succeeded.

See you all in Fredericton tomorrow.

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Friday, November 13, 2009

When the circus comes to town

Arkells coming through the speakers of the envy bus as we are on route to St Catherines for the 4th show of the tour. Warm sunshine glaring off of my blackberry, periodically blinding me as I write this but hey... sun and heat in complaints here.

And so the circus travels on down the highway from one city to the next. I never thought being a carny would a) be my job and b) that I would love it so damn much.

 "step right up, the midway is rolling through a town near you."

- kirsh 
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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Two new shows have been added!

Dec. 7th in Kelowna and Dec. 8th in Kamloops.

For ticket information and other info, check out the shows section.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

From the van...

Hey guys,

Nathan here. Just wanted to send along a note from the van.
Its 2:40pm and I'm traveling with half of Midway (Daenen and Mike Kirsh are in the second van) and half of the Envy. We're on the highway from the southern part of our country up a little to Kitchener, ON for the second show on this tour. Just stopped for gas and downed a pink grapefruit cocktail, one of the smallest pleasures in my life.

Its crazy how close you become with the guys you tour with, its not like you have a choice, but you just relate so hard to the other guys on the road. Its a weird life style that we've chosen, being away from home, away from a regular schedule, away from reality. Sometimes I feel crazy, good crazy, but naturally, I relate to the other crazy people around me. Right now the conversation is about "pimsleur" (google that)

Last nights show was mayhem, 4 bands, 18 players, 23 people on this tour in total I think. Needless to say, we had a lot of kinks to work out for the show in general. Thanks to Windsor for being such gracious guinea pigs, we owe you an "end of tour" show one of these days soon ;)

Were home for Monday Tuesday and Wednesday this week and so we're going into the studio to work on a new track before we pick up the bus and leave for the long haul. (Especially excited for the bus, this is our first time in a real fancy tour bus. I hear there's a personal TV/satellite in each of our bunks and wireless internet- cooool, ima send pics when we get it)

Anyways guys, speak soon. Keep in touch via twitter @nathan_midway

Word ;)

Monday, November 2, 2009